Change Inspiration

This is a book to help you change things. Maybe you want to help your child do better at school. Maybe you want your team to act more responsibly at work. Maybe you want to get your family to improve their health and wellbeing. In short, any change you want to see happen. Usually these topics are treated separately - there is 'change management' advice for businesses, 'self help' advice for individuals and 'change the world' advice for activists. That is a shame because all change has something in common: for anything to change, someone has to start acting differently.

In Change Inspiration, Damian Hughes takes the lid of one of the great mysteries of life: how can you get people to start behaving in a new way? Looking at the way our brain works, he reveals through compelling analysis and entertaining anecdotes, precisely how our brain absorbs information  - and how you can start to inspire others.

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